A Guide To Completing Your White Card Online Training Course

If you are thinking about developing a career in constructions, it is necessary to take a white card online training course before you set foot on the work site. Working in constructions can be a dangerous job, and, as a result, the Australian government requires its citizens to first take courses and obtain a white card, otherwise known as an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate.

Where to Get Your White Card Certification From?

In order to qualify for a white card, it is necessary to take and pass a state-mandated training course. This course can be taken in a traditional face-to-face setting or through any number of white card online training programs.

While different states and territories within Australia have differing local laws regarding the specifics of certification, the white card of one territory is valid in any other. White card online courses are widely accepted as valid for meeting legal requirements nationwide, as well.

Contruction worker working on site with a white card

What You Can Do With Your White Card

Once you have a white card, you are eligible to work in the constructions industry anywhere in Australia. The same course covers all related construction jobs within the industry, including:

• Carpentry;
• Bricklaying;
• Steelwork;
• Demolition;
• Site management;
• Supervision;
• Apprenticeship.

While this list is incomplete, it shows clearly that any job which would require you to be physically present at a construction work site in Australia requires proof of your white card training or white card online courses being met.

Even apprenticeship to a senior mentor of a construction team requires a white card. Since safety in hazardous conditions relies on the appropriate measures being taken by everyone present, there is no way to let apprentices into construction sites without this kind of training. It is necessary to secure the trust of all the other construction workers present that a certain standard of safety will be followed.

Appearing On Site Without A White Card

If you take a construction job that is offered to you and show up for your first day of work without proof of having completing your white card online training course, you will find yourself removed from the construction site. If you can produce the card later, then you will be let back in, often with no more than a warning not to forget it again.

If, however, you do not have the card, never took the white card online training course or are otherwise unable to prove that you did, you could face a heavy fine assessed by the state government against you. For this reason, it is common practice to simply keep your white card on you at all times, in order to minimize the chances of being caught without it.

What To Expect From Your White Card Certification Course

White card classes are officially known as “Course CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely In The Construction Industry”. The classes themselves take about six hours to complete and focus largely on the broad and general dangers common to any construction site. The courses also cover actions that should be taken in the case of accidents, making them a highly valuable training aid in the event of a crisis.

You can expect the following areas of knowledge to be covered:

• Accident and hazard prevention;
• Identifying potential hazards;
• Responding to dangerous situations and crises;
• Legislation regarding safety in the workplace;

Once these have been covered, it is necessary to pass an exam covering the material presented. The questions themselves are generally straightforward ones. It is uncommon for the testing authority to attempt to trick people with confusing or contradictory questions, and the online courses often allow incorrect responses to be retaken until the right answers are arrived at.


The questions are, however, designed to be thought-provoking enough to get the white card applicant to be ready for any possible hazard that they may meet on the construction site. This way, in the case of an emergency, every worker nearby is aware of a standardized, effective means of addressing the problem.

If you have been interested in jobs in construction, passing your white card online training course is just the first step towards realizing a rewarding and satisfying career.